Zynga Dragon Lords, we have important news for you. At the end of this month, Wyrmbyte will be parting ways with Zynga. 

Can you still play Dragons and Titans? Definitely! After August 31st, you can continue to play Dragons and Titans on Facebook here: You can still play on the same account, however you will need to first Facebook connect your Zynga account to your Facebook profile.

How to connect your Zynga account to your Facebook account:

1. Log into your Zynga account at

2. In order to prompt the Facebook connect option, you must click on a Zynga game that meets these requirements:

a) You have never played this game
b) The game is available on both and

Some games which fit the b) criteria are: ChefVille, Yard Sale: Hidden Treasures, CastleVille, Zynga Poker, Farmville2, CoasterVille and more.

3. When Zynga asks if you have played this game before, click "Yes" to link your account with your Facebook account.


4. The next screen will say: Continue your game! Do you want to retrieve your game history? Click on the Facebook connect button. 


This will prompt a pop up box to come up, where you will need to log in to use your Facebook account with Zynga. If you do not have one, you can sign up for Facebook at this point as well.


5. Once you have logged in, Zynga will ask for permissions, which will complete the FB connect process. (Don't worry - you can go to your Facebook settings to remove this at a later point if desired). 



6. Congratulations. Your Facebook account is now synced with your Zynga account and now you can play on the same account at Facebook here: . Unfortunately, your inbox messages will be reset when you play on Facebook, so be sure to accept all of your requests while you are still on Zynga!

Note: If you run into any problems and need additional help, our support staff is happy to assist! Please submit a support request here.


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