How-To Get Your Steam Log File

While playing Dragons and Titans through Steam, you may receive an error message. To help our team review your findings and find the cause of this issue, please send us your Steam log file. You may follow the instructions below to find this file.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Send the Steam log immediately after an error occurs, and before you reload Dragons and Titans to play again. Otherwise, the error log will get overwritten and will not have the error information to help the development team find the source of the problem.


On Mac:
1. Open a Finder window
2. On the Menu bar, go to Go > Go to Folder
3. In the dialog that comes up, put in "~/Library/Logs/Unity/" and click Go
4. Locate the "Player.log" file in that folder

On PC:
1. Right click on Dragons and Titans from your Steam Library
2. Select Properties from the drop down menu
3. Select Local Files tab and click on "Browse Local Files..."
4. Open the dnt_Data folder and locate the text file called "output_log.txt


Still need help? Our support staff is happy to assist! Please submit a support request here.


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